Boys in Ballet

Man dance


One of the biggest misconceptions about ballet is that is a girl’s only activity.


WHAAAT!!! This is SO not true.


Some of the best dancer’s I have known are boys.


Parents, if you want your children to grow up in a world where both genders are treated equally we NEED to start breaking down these outdated stereotypes. Boys can benefit from dance classes just as much as girls. Exposure to dance and music develops muscularity, coordination, musicality, rhythm, agility, balance, athleticism and creative expression. This translates to better musicians, thinkers, athletes, etc… Not to mention that dance is fun! Boys and girls should be encouraged to take any type activity that they are interested in even if they are the minority in the class. Some girls love hockey and some boys love ballet.


When a boy comes to try the class, he may be the only boy and doesn’t return after that. I totally understand. All those little girls in their tutu’s must be intimidating! So bring a friend. See if you can convince a friend to sign up their son for dance. If your boy has a buddy in class he may feel more comfortable.


As boys get older, they can begin thinking that dance is uncool because of influences from family or peers. Start the conversation off early. Let your boy know that it is okay to like dance and that it is NOT okay to make fun of someone because of this. The bottom line is their happiness.

If a boy can push past this gender stereotype and continue perusing what he loves than there are uncountable benefits. (I’m not even going to touch on the fact that there comes an age when he becomes strong enough to pas de deux with some very beautiful ballerinas).

The bottom line is the happiness of your child. Even if it is a little unconventional, who cares!