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Blessed To Be A Ballet Teacher

It is often said that teaching children is one of the most rewarding experiences a teacher can have. I have found this so very true! As I count my blessings this year I am so very thankful for each and every student who I am so very blessed to have as part of my life. Each student I teach and have ever taught has imprinted themselves unforgettably somehow on me. Their unique qualities and gifts to the world shine through when in a loving and safe environment and touch me. It would however take hours and hours if not days to recount each student’s brilliant qualities and moments! I will never forget for example, little 2 year old Stephanie’s first day of ballet her little pig tails were literally vibrating with excitement as she unbundled from her snowsuit…the beautiful joy shining in her eyes, her enthusiasm never wavering each class! Or there is gentle and kind Hannah and her ethereal quality of spirit…it is almost like being in the presence of an angel…you watch her dance and realize only at the end of the music that you have been holding your breath..!
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