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balletimageNow in our thirteenth exciting year, we take great pride in presenting a full roster of ballet and dance courses for all ages. Our atmosphere is positive and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the joy of dance and an aim to aid our students in cultivating a love of dance, music and art that will last a lifetime! Ballet Classique Methusela maintains a mandate to develop strong technical skills in a non competitive environment, without compromising the natural joy of dance!  Our instructors and students infectious love of dance is contagious! Let’s Dance!


We feature:

  • Small class sizes
  • Introduction To Ballet (Age 3/4)
  • Two dance recitals per year (Dec. and June)
  • Non competitive
  • Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabi
  • Costume Rentals
  • Ballet field trips
  • Traditional european folk dance performances
  • Physiotherapist conducted classes
  • Six performances for our performance group yearly
  • Warm, caring, personal environment
  • Enthusiastic and highly skilled instructors
  • Nut free and green cleaned
  • Weekly Themed Childrens Dance Classes
  • Studio Values:  Gratitude, Community, Positivity, Family, Balance, Imagination, Integrity


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Since 2004, Ballet Classique Methusela has been evolving steadily. We are proud of our small, personal and community-minded studio. Our commitment to our students and parents to provide the highest standards of technical training and yet maintain an inspiring and joyful environment is testament to the quality of studio we strive to maintain. Our aim to aid our students in cultivating a love and appreciation of dance and music that will last a lifetime is evident through our enthusiastic ballet instruction as well as in the many supplementary program benefits we offer our students including ballet field trips, ballet movie nights, and a full to the brim ballet library!


As a studio we support our students desire to spread their infectious love of dance with our community by organizing several yearly community dance performances. This year these included: The Alberta Children’s Hospital; South Campus Hospital; Several local Senior Centres; Bridgeland Community Festival; A Renfrew community bakesale event. We love our community!


The 2017 Moscow Ballet Auditions In Calgary


5 - Dove of Peace, 2 dancers - 1 stunning Dove

Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker is the unique telling of the classic story of Masha (Clara) and her Nutcracker Doll told with true Russian flair. In 2012, Moscow Ballet celebrated its 20th year of touring this performance across North America, and to much critical acclaim! The whimsical fantasy of Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker is legendary, with the piece firmly enshrined as a Christmas staple for audiences across the USA and in Canada. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s beloved Nutcracker Suite, and Moscow Ballet’s company of 40 Vaganova-trained dancers are the perfect combination for a holiday celebration for all!


The Moscow Ballet in conjunction with Ballet Classique Methusela’s Sara-Lynne Dewar, will be casting 70 dance students between ages seven to young teens in ancillary roles for the Great Russian Nutcracker tour. Student dancers will perform alongside the full corps of Russian dancers.


Applicants must have at least two years of ballet experience and be currently enrolled in ballet for Sept. 2017 sessions. This audition is open to students from all ballet schools in Calgary and area. Applicants must be dressed in ballet attire (black leotard and pink tights) – please bring pointe shoes if on pointe. A prepared piece will NOT be needed. There is a $60 casting  fee, also, applicants are asked to bring a headshot of themselves. Applicants will be notified at the audition if they have been selected. Please be prepared to stay after the audition for rehearsal.


2017 Audition Information

Great Russian Nutcracker

Audition Date:  Sept. 12, 2017

Audition Start Time:  6:30pm

Doors Open:  6:00pm

Location:  St. Vladimir’s Cultural Centre 404 Meredith Rd NE


Rehearsal Instructors:  Ms. Sara-Lynne Dewar


Rehearsal Schedule:

Rehearsals are weekly and approx. 1/2 hour in length.

Following auditions, the rehearsal schedule will be released depending on roles cast.  Please ensure these dates work for your family, as rehearsals are Mandatory.

If your child is cast as a Snowflake; Mouse; Small Duet; Party Kid rehearsals will be Friday evenings.

If your child is cast as a Big Duet or Snowmaiden rehearsals will be Sat. afternoons.

Rehearsals will be held following auditions on the 13th and also on the 14th.  Time of rehearsals is dependent on role cast.  Please keep your calendar flexible these days to accommodate rehearsal times.



Saturday, November 18, 2017

Arts Commons



Please sign up for audition at www.nutcracker.com (go to ‘Dance With Us’ then ‘Auditions’ and then to ‘Audition Sign Up’). Also, please come early to audition as there is additional paperwork to be filled out.


For additional information, please contact the Calgary Children’s Dance Co-ordinator with the Moscow Ballet, Ms. Sara-Lynne Dewar at  403 245-4346

The Royal Academy of Dance

The Royal Academy of Dance is one of the world’s most influential dance education and training organisations.
The Royal Academy of Dance promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally. They seek to accomplish this through promoting dance, educating and training students and teachers and providing examinations to set standards and reward achievement.


The Royal Academy of Dance aims to be recognised internationally for the highest standards of teaching and learning, as a leader in continuing professional development in dance and as the professional membership body that supports and promotes dance teachers at every step of their career encouraging their innovative contributions to dance and education throughout the world.


The RAD has a long history of improving dance training standards. It was founded in 1920 to re-invigorate dance teaching within the UK; however, over time it has expanded its influence and activities internationally counting currently more than 1,000 students in full-time or part-time teacher training programmes. With their examination syllabus being taught to more than a quarter of a million students worldwide, the RAD helps and encourages teachers to perfect their teaching skills and pass on this knowledge to their students.


The Academy’s patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Today the RAD has a presence in 79 countries, with 36 offices and approximately 13,000 members worldwide.

Benefits of Dance for Children

  • Development of co-ordination, strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility
  • Development of confidence and self-esteem through achievement
  • Cultivation of an enjoyment for movement
  • Cultivation of an enjoyment and appreciation of music
  • Development of body awareness and a clear body image
  • Development of spatial awareness and motor skills as well as physical confidence and control
  • Cultivation of concentration and focus
  • Awareness and respect for others. An appreciation of differences between people
  • Experience of working with others; opportunities to work as a member of a team and to develop leadership skills
  • Enhancement of memory through physical patterning and repetition
  • Development of problem solving skills
  • Learning to learn
  • Opportunities to explore the relationship between feelings, values, ideas and expression.
  • Experience of communicating with others verbally and non-verbally.
  • Understanding of a core artistic discipline
  • Access to a unique means of translating ideas, expressing meaning and communicating with others
  • Kinaesthetic awareness, physical literacy development
  • Development of facility in performing, making and appreciating an art form
  • Access to collaboration with other art forms including music
  • Understanding of the creative process, developing creative thought and action
  • Understanding and appreciation of artistic products
  • Development of observational and perceptual skills, the ability to make informed judgements
  • Understanding of how the body works and the importance of taking a responsible attitude to maintaining general health and fitness
  • Enhancement of the understanding of the richness of cultural diversity and a practical appreciation of different cultures. Including a development of an understanding and appreciation of cultural values and traditions.

In summary, learning dance has a wholistic educational value reaching far beyond that of solely physical benefits, in addition to the physical benefits of dance there are benefits that affect the deep development of the human being. How marvelous!



Sara-Lynne Dewar

From a young age, Ms. Sara-Lynne loved to dance! She participated in ballet classes from age four and continued to learn other dance styles as she travelled internationally. Upon returning to Canada, she continued her studies to teach ballet. In 2004, her studio (Ballet Classique Methusela) opened with a vision to provide dance to all who loved the art no matter their ability, age or limitations. Through Ballet Classique Ms. Sara-Lynne strives to create an environment where students are challenged and the highest levels of technical accuracy is maintained without compromising the natural joy of movement and dance. Ms. Sara-Lynne is entering her seventh year as Calgary co-ordinator and rehearsal instructor for the Moscow Ballet.








Shelby Holt

Shelby Holt has been with Ballet Classique Methusela since 2010. She graduated from the University of Calgary’s Drama program with a minor in dance.

Shelby has performed/choreographed with ND Theatre, The Alberta Dance Festival, The Calgary International Children’s Festival, The Cochrane Children’s Festival, Soulocentric Dance, and many more

When she is not teaching dance she works in schools teaching physical theatre residencies.
In addition to her Bachelors degree in fine arts, Shelby is working on completing a degree in Secondary Education.








Studio Dates

Important Studio Dates


Sept. 18, 2017 Classes Commence


Oct. 6-11, 2017 Studio Closed.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov. 9-12, 2017 Studio Closed.


Dec. 9, 2017  Recital Rehearsal 9-11am


Dec. 11, 2017 Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm


Dec. 13, 2017 Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm


Dec. 16, 2017 Recital 6pm


Dec. 17-Jan. 12, 2018  No Classes!  Wishing You A Merry Christmas!


Jan. 13, 2018 Studio Reopens.


Feb. 14-18, 2018  Studio Closed.


Mar. 24-April 5, 2018  Studio Closed.


May 18-22, 2018  Studio Closed.


May 26, 2018 One Day Registration Sale!  Save $50-$75 Off Tuition!


June 2, 2018  Recital Rehearsal 9-11am


June 5, 2018  Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm


June 7, 2018  Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm


June 10, 2018 Recital 6pm and Last Day Of Classes!  Wishing You A Fabulous Summer!



Student/Parent Handbook Of Etiquette and Policies

Following are the terms and conditions of the enrollment of your child for whom you are the parent/guardian, with Ballet Classique Methusela (BCM). Please indicate your acceptance of the following rules of etiquette and policies by signing at the end of the document.

What Is Etiquette

Dance training is built on standards that reflect respect and professionalism. It is the expectation that everyone will physically demonstrate esteem for the art form, the teachers and other students.

We Expect Our Dancers To:

Dress Like A Dancer

Follow the dress code policy. Being properly dressed shows the teacher you are serious about your art form and that you have respect for yourself. Ensure that your tights, bodysuit, and exam skirts are clean and unripped, proper fitting and in good condition. Warm-up clothing for older dancers will not be permitted in class. Students will not be permitted to enter class without the proper attire.


Be Neat

Long Hair must be secured in a tight bun prior to entering the classroom. Hair that is not long enough for a bun must be secured back from face with a dance head band.
No jewelry may be worn except for studs. Light colored and tasteful nail polish only is permitted (ex. clear or a very light pink). Please ensure that any tasteful polish worn is unchipped.


Be Present and On Time

Please make every effort to be present at all your classes and arrive in a timely fashion.
-Older dancers are expected to arrive 10 minutes prior to class start time to warm-up, stretch and focus their minds in preparation for class.
-If you are going to be absent please notify the studio by email balletclassiquemethusela@hotmail.com or call (403) 245-4346. There is no refund for missed classes. Missed classes may be made up in a class of the same or lower level within 30 days of missed class. Please request permission in advance prior to attending a makeup class.
-Arriving late is disruptive to the overall flow of the class, other students and the teacher. The etiquette expected if late for a class is to please enter quietly, excuse yourself and take your place as quickly as possible.


Be Verbally Respectful

Students are required to address all teachers and staff by using Mr. or Ms. & Their First Name. Proper etiquette in the classroom is expected at all times. Upon the completion of class, thank your instructor before leaving. This also applies to guest teachers and substitutes. Students are expected to treat the teachers and staff of BCM with proper respect at all times and shall receive the same from BCM staff in return. Respectful and attentive behavior is expected. The school has the right to suspend any student when the director concludes that a student is willfully disobedient to a teacher or the student’s or parents behavior has a harmful effect on the other students. Disobedience and bullying will not be tolerated at BCM.


Our Manners

Dancers are polite ladies and gentlemen. They should not lean against the wall or barre. Sitting down, unless directed to do so, is not acceptable. Chewing gum in class is not permitted. Yawning, talking and whispering is considered rude behavior.   Water only (in a secure closable container) is permitted in the studio. Water breaks are given by the instructor periodically throughout class. It is recommended practice to drink water before and after class ends.   Dancers should always ask permission to leave the studio while class is in progress. Dancers are asked to use the washroom prior to class commencement. In the case of needing to use a washroom during class permission is to be asked of your instructor.


Our Attention and Attitude

Dancers are in class to work, watch, listen, and learn.   Attention and focus are indispensible. Students are expected to learn the proper vocabulary and be able to pick up steps quickly and correctly. Ballet discipline requires that you start and finish a combination to the best of your abilities and with as much grace as you can. The display of negative emotions is considered inappropriate. Above all, this is a place for students to learn and enjoy dancing. Our goal is to give each and every student equal opportunity to achieve success. Remember a good attitude is very important in any learning environment.


No Electronics

Leave Your Electronics In Your Dance Bags (turned off) or At Home. Stretching, Warming Up and Mentally Preparing for class is considered a valuable use of pre-class time.


We Expect Our Parents To (In Addition To Etiquette For Dancers):

Be Aware of Studio Dates and Events

It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to be aware of all school dates and events. Parents are expected to pick up their notices from their mail slots weekly, check and read emails and read any notices posted. It is also the responsibility of the parents to inform the school of any email, address or phone number changes.

BCM and its staff are not responsible for personal injury or damage/loss of belongings on its premises.

BCM reserves the rights to change, cancel or substitute dates, classes and schedules, as well as add or remove faculty members at any time.

BCM has a policy of a ‘one school enrollment’, meaning that each student enrolled in BCM will not be enrolled in ballet classes with another school.


Holidays – Please Mark These In Your Calenders

Sept. 18, 2017 Classes Commence
Oct. 6-11, 2017 Studio Closed.  Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov. 9-12, 2017 Studio Closed.
Dec. 9, 2017  Recital Rehearsal 9-11am
Dec. 11, 2017 Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm
Dec. 13, 2017 Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm
Dec. 16, 2017 Recital 6pm
Dec. 17-Jan. 12, 2018  No Classes!  Wishing You A Merry Christmas!
Jan. 13, 2018 Studio Reopens.
Feb. 14-18, 2018  Studio Closed.
Mar. 24-April 5, 2018  Studio Closed.
May 18-22, 2018  Studio Closed.
May 26, 2018 One Day Registration Sale!  Save $50-$75 Off Tuition!
June 2, 2018  Recital Rehearsal 9-11am
June 5, 2018 
 Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm
June 7, 2018  Recital Rehearsal 6-8pm
June 10, 2018 Recital 6pm and Last Day Of Classes!  Wishing You A Fabulous Summer!


Studio Contact Information

403 245-4346 or info@balletcalgary.com


Drop Off and Pick Up

Punctual drop off and pick up is expected. With respect to a late pickup, a parent is expected to contact the studio immediately in the case of extenuating circumstances in order to notify your child and her teacher. A late pickup fee of $15 is imposed if we have to wait between 5-10 minutes for your child to be picked up; after 10 minutes it is an additional $1/minute.


Electronics In Waiting Area

As we expect our dancers to leave their electronics at home, it is only fair to request the same consideration from parents in the waiting areas.



Please make sure your children use the washroom before class to minimize interruptions and maximize the valuable learning time available to them.


Nut Free Premises

For the safety and wellbeing of our instructors and students, BCM is a nut free zone.


Extreme Weather

When temperatures exceed -30 classes will be cancelled. If driving conditions due to blizzards etc. are extreme and dangerous, classes will also be cancelled. We value our students and their families and wish to ensure their safety at all times. If a class is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions or dangerous driving conditions, you may make up the lesson within 30 days in a similar level class. Refunds or credits are not given. To request permission to schedule a make-up class please email info@balletcalgary.com or call 403 245-4346.


Photos; Video

BCM parents understand that BCM reserves the right to use it’s former or current student photos, video or the like for publicity and marketing of the school. For the privacy of ALL students, any videos/photos taken on phones or cameras during class time are NOT to be posted on any form of public media by parents. This is being enforced.


One School enrollment Policy

BCM has a ‘one school enrollment policy’. This means that students enrolled in ballet at BCM will not be enrolled in ballet classes at another school.


Personal Injury or Damage and Loss of Belongings

BCM and its staff are not responsible for personal injury or damage/loss of belongings on its premises.


Class Time Changes and Scheduling

It is understood that BCM reserves the rights to change, cancel or substitute dates, classes and schedules, as well as add or remove faculty members at any time.



Payment in the form of postdated cheques is due in full NO LATER than student’s first class. An additional $30 fee will be charged if payment in full is not provided. Please note this includes costume fees and year registration fee. Payment may be made in 1 payment or 3 payments. A monthly payment option is also provided however, a 10% surcharge applies to this for tuition under $1000 per year. Discounts cannot be combined with any other discount. Returned cheques are subject to a $40 NSF fee. After 2 NSF cheques cash or money order payment is expected for the remaining tuition/fees. In the event your account/payment is more than 30 days late, BCM will forward all bills to Vanguard Collections unless you make other payment arrangements with the school.



There is no refund for tuitions or costumes or any other fees. Two weeks notice prior to yearly class commencement is required to cancel your reserved space in a class. Deposits and registration fees are non-refundable unless class has been cancelled by BCM.



We encourage all families who may qualify to apply to Kidsport and/or Canadian Tire Jumpstart. These programs are just super! Kidsport provides $250 per semster in funding and Jumpstart provides $150 per semester in funding. Please ensure you provide Ms. Sara-Lynne with your forms to be filled in within the first week of classes.