Parent-Tot Classes

Maybe you are looking to start stimulating your new baby’s interests. Or maybe you enjoy doing a variety of activities yourself. Or just maybe having only a baby to keep you company all day is giving you a severe case of cabin fever.


Keep calm and bring your tot to a community parent-tot program.


There are dozens of different types of programs that you and your little one can try out together. I’m going to be talking specifically about movement activities, but there’s no need to shy away from young reader’s programs, music class, or even art.


Parent-tot classes provide a fun way to bond with your child. Children tend to be comforted by the sound of music and gentle movements so engaging in a physical activity with your child, such as dance, blends together intimacy and entertainment. Classes can also provide your child early exposure to an activity of interest.


A physical class can also help to keep new parents in shape. Taking care of little ones is too often synonymous with self-neglect. This is especially true with new moms dealing with postnatal baby weight and hormonal fluctuations. Regular physical classes can help a new mom (or dad) recover your pre-baby physicality. Working-out also releases endorphins that can help with postpartum depression and boost your mood.  A parent-tot class allows you to stay in shape without having to leave your baby at home or in alternate care.


Also, meeting other new parents at a fitness class can help to expand your social network. Parent-tot classes can connect you with other adults experiencing the same difficultiess, fears and excitement as you. These classes can offer a moment of respite from the pressure of being a parent, and can also be a great place to make new friends.


There are so many benefits to getting out there with your little one, so go ahead, get out there and bring your baby with you!