Benefits Of Dance For Children

Learning dance has a wholistic educational value reaching far beyond that of solely physical benefits, in addition to the physical benefits of dance there are benefits that affect the deep development of the human being. How marvelous!

  • Opportunities to explore the relationship between feelings, values, ideas and expression.
  • Experience of communicating with others verbally and non-verbally.
  • Understanding of a core artistic discipline
  • Access to a unique means of translating ideas, expressing meaning and communicating with others
  • Kinaesthetic awareness, physical literacy development
  • Development of facility in performing, making and appreciating an art form
  • Access to collaboration with other art forms including music
  • Understanding of the creative process, developing creative thought and action
  • Understanding and appreciation of artistic products
  • Development of observational and perceptual skills, the ability to make informed judgements
  • Understanding of how the body works and the importance of taking a responsible attitude to maintaining general health and fitness
  • Enhancement of the understanding of the richness of cultural diversity and a practical appreciation of different cultures. Including a development of an understanding and appreciation of cultural values and traditions.
  • Development of co-ordination, strength, stamina, flexibility and mobility
  • Development of confidence and self-esteem through achievement
  • Cultivation of an enjoyment for movement
  • Cultivation of an enjoyment and appreciation of music
  • Development of body awareness and a clear body image
  • Development of spatial awareness and motor skills as well as physical confidence and control
  • Cultivation of concentration and focus
  • Awareness and respect for others. An appreciation of differences between people
  • Experience of working with others; opportunities to work as a member of a team and to develop leadership skills
  • Enhancement of memory through physical patterning and repetition
  • Development of problem solving skills
  • Learning to learn