Our School

Ballet Classique Methusela (BCM) Public Health Notice

  • BCM does not advocate the use of masks during class
  • BCM cleans and sanitizes all surfaces and floors between all classes
  • Sanitizer is optional for students, students who wish are encouraged to bring their own bottles and apply as they feel they need to
  • The use of washrooms is discouraged. We encourage students to utilize their own facilities prior to leaving their homes.
  • Families will be notified only if there is a dancer or instructor that is confirmed to be positive for Covid-19 coronavirus. We respect our families privacy and will only send out a general alert for the whole school. Name and ballet class will not be provided.
  • BCM will not offer online class options.

Since 2004, Ballet Classique Methusela has been evolving steadily. We are proud of our small, personal and community-minded studio. Our commitment to our students and parents to provide the highest standards of technical training and yet maintain an inspiring and joyful environment is testament to the quality of studio we strive to maintain. Our aim to aid our students in cultivating a love and appreciation of dance and music that will last a lifetime is evident through our enthusiastic ballet instruction as well as in the many supplementary program benefits we offer our students including ballet field trips, ballet movie nights, and a full to the brim ballet library!

We take great pride in presenting a full roster of ballet and dance courses for all ages.

Our atmosphere is positive and inspiring, with a strong emphasis on celebrating the joy of dance and an aim to aid our students in cultivating a love of dance, music and art that will last a lifetime! Ballet Classique Methusela maintains a mandate to develop strong technical skills in a non competitive environment, without compromising the natural joy of dance!  Our instructors and students infectious love of dance is contagious!

Let's Dance!


Our Dance School Values

  • Gratitude
  • Community
  • Positivity
  • Family
  • Balance
  • Imagination
  • Integrity

As a studio, we support our students desire to spread their infectious love of dance with our community by organizing several annual community dance performances. These dance performances include:

  • The Alberta Children's Hospital
  • South Campus Hospital
  • Several local Senior Centres
  • Bridgeland Community Festival
  • Renfrew Community Bakesale event

Ballet Classique Methusela features

  • Small class sizes
  • Introduction To Ballet (Age 3/4)
  • 2 dance recitals per year (Dec. and June)
  • Non-competitive
  • Royal Academy Of Dance Syllabi
  • Costume Rentals
  • Warm, caring, personal environment
  • Enthusiastic and highly skilled instructors
  • Nut free and green cleaned
  • Weekly Themed Children’s Dance Classes
  • Additional optional classes available including Piano Lessons, Hand Sewing Classes for Kids, Robotics for Kids and More!!  Check Out Are Additional Classes Under The Heading Bar 'Enrichment Classes For Kids'